Knowledge And Its Proper Application

In Life Gives You Good 

Health, Power, Success, Fame

And Happiness!


Welcome to Maychic Secret Laws Of Success (MSLS) Center for Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment.


Maychic SLS Center researches the secret laws of success; principles of prosperity and obtaining power, good health and long life and publishes them in different formats such as eBook, videos, articles, and blogs that anyone in any part of the world can access and use to improve, change, upgrade, develop and empower himself or herself, so as to create true wealth, get out of debt, become prosperous, powerful, famous and happy!



What do you desire in life?


Do you desire to make all your secret dreams, goals, wishes and desires to come true?

If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business  And Sexual Empowerment!


Do you desire to create true wealth, pay off all your debt and attain financial security?

If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business  And Sexual Empowerment!


Do you desire to buy and own many fancy cars?

If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment!


Do you desire to own assets, homes and rental apartment buildings?

If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment!








Everything is abundant in nature!


There are trillions of planets, more than 300 billion galaxies and solar systems with limitless natural resources to create limitless wealth, power and eternal happiness!


What does your heart yearn for?


What do you dream about?


Do you desire love, peace and happiness in your family with your wife and children as well as your relatives?


If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment!


Do you desire, good health, long life and happiness?

If you answer yes, you must seek and obtain Maychic Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment!






Anything is possible in this world, even though sometimes we may not know how to make some of our dreams to become reality.

However, since our planet can live for about 4 billion years and our solar system, 12 billion years, there is enough time to work towards achieving our ambitions.

For now, interplanetary and inter-galactic travels are not possible to us but it will be in the future!

The idea is there.

It is the technology that must be developed and perfected.

2000 yrs ago, our ancestors had ideas about all the modern technology and gadgets we have today, such as guns, computer, laptop, tablet, iPod, iPad, cellphone, internet, cars, ships, airplane, submarine, air-conditioning, motorcycle, atomic energy, solar energy, vitamins, supplements, different types of food, but they could not develop the technology to produce them.

It has taken about 500 yrs of industrial revolution, that resulted from the practice of scientific methods and technological prowess to create our Paradise-like modern world of high technology and all the gadgets we use and take for granted today because they have become cheap and common.

Achieving success in life doesn't happen accidentally.


There are definite, well tested principles and secrets of success that govern prosperity, creation of wealth, power, fame, and happiness in life.


It is not enough to discover and use these secrets to create wealth, but you must also learn the secrets of how to preserve and perpetuate wealth, power, fame, and happiness!






The ultimate most motivating goal and ambition in life are to be Healthy, Successful and Happy.


To be happy, a person must have many things such as good health, (the greatest asset), enough money for him/herself, family members and relatives, good job, lucrative business, peace, power, fame and be able to do what you desire to do that is within the laws of your country or community, when you want it and how you want it.

To succeed and be happy in life requires that you discover, study, master and properly apply certain principles of prosperity, power and secrets of rapid success in life.

Unfortunately, many of these Secret Laws Of Success For Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment, have been hidden in codes, allegories, symbols, thereby making them inaccessible to the average person who don't even have an idea that there are hidden secrets not available to the general public.

Some people join various types of secret societies with the hope to obtain these secrets but many of them fail to obtain them because the higher members of the secret societies hide them by giving false substitute meanings to the codes and symbols.

Since these lower members don't know WHAT THE HIDDEN “SECRETS” ARE, they never know that they had been deceived and conned, and still don't have the SECRETS, even after they had been forced and seduced to swear terrifying blood-cuddling oaths of secrecy and silence.

Maychic Secret Laws Of Success (MSLS) Center for Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment, (MAYNET INTERNET INFO NETWORKS) is in business to research, discover, test and publish these hundreds of thousands of years old principles of prosperity and power; secrets of success in life that had been hidden in symbols and codes, mythologies, parables and allegories to make them inaccessible to the general public so that only the very few elite, the aristocrats, monarchs, war generals, heads of states, politicians, judges, heads of various secret societies, international bankers, the illuminati have had and have been using them.

This explains why the rich get richer while the poor, the average citizens keep getting more and more in debt and impoverished, sad, miserable, frustrated and hopeless!

There are different ways to help people change and improve their sordid and impoverished, debt drenched, dreadful life conditions.

Some of these are through re-education, self development and mastery, mental development and control, deprogramming and reprogramming, character building and fortification, development of the skill of mental picturization, creativity, developing the power of observation, memory, self discipline, practicing scientific and empirical methods, rationality, and their applications to daily life activities.

The cultivation and the development of the powers of the body, mind, and as well as the spirit.

The proper application of the empirical and scientific method is one of the pre-requisites to achieving a lasting true success, prosperity, power, fame and happiness in life.






Maychic Secret Laws Of Success (MSLS) Center for Self, Family, Business And Sexual Empowerment  has two different kinds of knowledge and information it publishes in form of eBooks, videos, blogs, articles, audio and comments.



The first are the eBooks that give the average person the true information about what is going on the world that are not broadcast through the  mass media of radio, TV, and internet, because the "Powers That Be" (PTB), who are behind many world events and control all activities on earth desire to keep the people ignorant because it makes it easy for them to maintain their powers and keep controlling and exploiting billions of people in the world.




To Download Maychic SLS Center’s Self, Family, Business & Sex Empowerment eBooks (Volume-1,) Click On This Link Now! 


These eBooks of world events and power will re-educate the people and prove to them the saying, "knowledge is power, life and happiness"

To this we add, “Ignorance is misery and death!”

The second eBooks on Volume-2 will be eBooks of action that will specifically tell you what to do to empower yourself, family, business and sex so as to create true wealth, success, power, fame and happiness in your life, starting immediately.




To Download Maychic SLS Center’s Self, Family, Business & Sex Empowerment eBooks (VOLUME-2,) Click On This Link Now! 


Many of the eBooks in Vol-1 of Maychic SLS EMPOWERMENT EBOOKS PAK were written by other authors who had access to inside information, not available to the general public and who had done many decades of researches and some were sadly, murdered for their bravery in exposing the secrets inside their eBooks.

 You may access these eBooks for FREE.

Nothing to pay!

(These ebooks are priceless because they could be worth many millions of dollars! Smile)

Maychic SLS EMPOWERMENT EBOOKS ACTION VOLUME-1 PAK- contains many of our own eBooks and you have to pay little fees to access them because they contain specific steps, plans and agenda to deprogram and re-program you for success,  power, fame and happiness in your life, starting immediately!


The eBooks in Volume-1 of Maychic SLS Empowerment Center will clear away the dark soil of your mind and fertilize it for the powerful and beautiful seeds from eBooks from Volume-2 to be planted so that they will germinate and bear sweet fruits of light, love and life that will purify, caress, nourish, fortify and empower  your body, mind and soul for success, prosperity, good health, long life, power, fame and happiness in every area of your life.


(1) START BY DOWNLOADING MSLS EBOOKS OF RE-EDUCATION IN VOL-1 and begin to read and study them.

You may upload them in your Kindle, Nook or any tablet as PDF file so you'll be able to read them anywhere and at anytime whenever you have some free time.

Read them day and night, and anytime you have free time.

They are necessary to get you well grounded in solid and true reality of the world you live in, so that the powerful seeds of the eBooks in volume-2 of Maychic SLS Center may be planted and germinate in the fertilized soil of your mind and grow into tall trees that will bear very succulent and sweet fruits that you need to eat to empower yourself, family, business and sex for cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, true freedom and life everlasting of happiness.


(2) SECONDLY, DONWLOAD THE MAYCHIC SLS CENTER EMPOWERMENT EBOOKS IN VOLUME-2 and pay the fees required to access as many of them as you can and study them and begin to implement the agenda outlined to move you from darkness to light; from ignorance to enlightenment; from debt to abundant wealth; from weakness of the body, mind and spirit to power of the body, mind and spirit, and from bondage and misery to freedom and happiness!





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May God Bless you!